"Big Dog" Photo Gallery
(Sizes S, M and L)
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faithful companion of Dory - Rochester, NH
beagle/lab mis - S reflective coat in red
"Snicklefritz & Wolfgang"
faithful companions of Pamela & Keith - Whippany, NJ
boxers - S waterproof coats in red
pictured with human cousins Shannon & Tommy
faithful companion of Catherine - Portland, Oregon
weimaraner - M waterproof coat in black with tail notch
faithful companion of Robert & Phyllis - Sausalito, California
vizsla - S waterproof coat in forest green
Adopted at 7.5 years of age
faithful companion of Lauren and Dan - North Yarmouth, Maine
dalmatian - S waterproof coat in red
  Chili went to the Rainbow Bridge in April 2009.  She was 15.5 years old.
faithful companion of Linda - Belgium
105 lb! rhodesian ridgeback - L fleece in navy and black
"Malachi and Trinity"
faithful companions of Toshia - Redmond, Washington
dobermans - size M in purple and navy waterproof coats
"June Bug"
faithful companion of Mara & David - photo taken near Murphys, California
weimaraner - M reflective coat in green with tail notch
faithful companion of Jill - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
boxer mix - M waterproof coat in forest green
faithful companion of Vanessa - Bethesda, Maryland
doberman - L waterproof coat in red
faithful companion of Peter & Marlene - Austria
saluki - M fleece coat in black
"Dandi & Clementine"
faithful companions of Toni & Garry  - Grove City, Ohio
golden retreivers - M fleece coats in burgundy
faithful companion of Shannon & Martin - Belgrade, Montana
pit bull - S waterproof coat in red
Isabella has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
faithful companion of Jan - Waukegan, Illinois
13-year-old lab/greyhound mix - S waterproof coat in red
faithful companions of David & Dawn  - Sylmar, California
German Shorthair Pointers - M & S waterproof in purple
faithful companion of Jane & Russell - Huntington Woods, Michigan
standard poodle - S waterproof coat in yellow
faithful companion of Cydney - Antioch, California
rhodesian ridgeback - M waterproof in plum
faithful companion of Norrie - Richmond, California
rhodesian ridgeback - M waterproof in teal
faithful companion of Krista & Dan - Belgrade, Montana
           doberman - M waterproof in plum

    faithful companion of Krista & Dan - Belgrade, Montana
                   boxer/shepherd mix - M fleece in black
   Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 14, 2006
               at the age of 15.5.   Godspeed Bailey
              Companion of Jenny - Grand Rapids, MI
boxer - size medium - warm waterproof - green  with tail notch

      Companion of Gaby & Jim - Phoenix, AZ
great dane - size large - warm waterproof - royal blue

              Companion of Molly & Pat - Las Vegas, NV
      doberman - size medium - warm waterproof coats
                            in black & camouflage                           

      Companion of Mehra & Shelle - Spokane, WA
black & tan coonhound - size large - warm                                        waterproof -   black

      Companion of Mable & Bill - Everywhere, USA
                       (full time RVers)
             medium fleece in forest green

      Companion of Tinamaria , Corvallis, MT
      rhodesian ridgeback - Size Medium
              Warm Waterproof - Plaid 

      Companion of Kathy & Joe - Cloverdale, CA
        rhodesian ridgeback- Size Large       
            Warm Waterproof - burgandy

                        "Lucy & Milo"
      Companions of Briana & Christopher-  New York, NY
      rhodesian ridgeback - ww navy -
      black and tan coonhound - ww forest green
      Enjoying Christo's work of art, The Gates - Central Park 

      Companion of Debbie & Bing - Fallbrook, CA
        rhodesian ridgeback- Size Medium    
            Warm Waterproof - black

      Companion of Lauren, North Yarmouth, Maine
      dalmation - ww forest green - size medium
      Congratulations to Ivan for being featured in the 2007
      Second Chances Dalmation Rescue Calender

               "Millie, Toby & Buster"
      Companions of Jeanette & Randy, Columbia Falls, MT
      Millie -mixed breed,  Toby & Buster - vizslas
      Royal, purple and forest green  warm waterproof in             sizes small and medium

              Faithful friend of Alison, Jacksonville, OR
   doberman - size medium - warm waterproof in camouflage                                   fleece coat in forest green           

                   Faithful friend of Pam - Spring, Texas
  125 lb. rodesian ridgeback - size large -warm waterproof in grey                                          

           Faithful companion of Liz and Scott -  Madison, WI
     treeing walker coonhound - reflective coats in red and aqua
  devoted companion of Kristina - Boston, Massachusetts
  size medium Fleece in black.  Geronimo went to Heaven
  on October 30, 2012 at the age of 14 years 9 months.                                           Godspeed Geronimo                   

                   faithful companion of Karla - United Kingdom
             doberman - size medium Warm Waterproof in purple