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See the different sizes and colors in the wonderful photos from our customers!
Bernie is wearing a navy/green plaid coat, size medium.
Corky and Ranger are wearing green and red reflective coats, size XXXS with tail notch
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Ice is wearing a plum coat, size medium.

Warm coats for cool dogs

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Meet Coco 
Our Family
Coco is the newest member of our family and joins our kitties, Louie and Ella.  Coco was found as a stray and badly injured after being hit by a car.  She is now all healed and 
feeling great.  Many thanks fo Dr. Stack for saving Coco's life.

Thank you to all who have requested coats.  I'm very sorry but dog coats are no longer available.  I have retired, but this site will remain active including the photo gallery.

 I am still available by e-mail and would love to hear from you.