Can I put my Montana Dogware coats in the washing machine?
Yes, you certainly can & you can put them in the dryer too.  Be sure to fasten the velcro & set the washer on gentle cycle.  The warm/waterproof & fleece coats can be washed in warm water.  Use cold water only for the reflectives.  Dry them in the dryer on low heat.

How do I place an order?
Ordering information is on the bottom of our main page .

How soon will my order be shipped?
All the coats are handmade; please allow two weeks.

How will my order be shipped?
Through the U.S.Postal Service by priority mail, with delivery confirmation. 

Do you accept returns?
Yes.  If the coat doesn't fit or work out for some other reason, you may return the coat for an exchange or a refund of its price.  We must receive the return within 30 days and it must still be in new condition with the paper tag attached.  Please clean all dog hair from tryons from both the inside and outside of the coat.  E-mail us to let us know you are sending a return; and ship it through the U.S. Postal Service.  Do not require a signature for delivery. We will not refund the shipping cost unless the coat is being returned due to our mistake (defective or not what was ordered).

Why is there an opening at the base of the neck?
If it is raining or snowing, you may wish to have the turtleneck unrolled over the dog's head.  The opening is so that the leash can still be attached to the collar.

Does Montana Dogware always have the same colors?
No, the colors change frequently.  There is always something new at Montana Dogware.

The picture of Lurch in the blue coat looks familiar. Have I seen it before?
If you are a greyhound owner, you probably have seen the same picture on page 40 of the book, "Greyhounds" by D. Caroline Coile.  A similar picture appears on page 23 of "The Greyhound" by Daniel Braun Stern.

In the Coile book, Lurch can be seen on pages 13, 28, & 40 (both pictures).  Super is on pages 40 (lower picture), 56 & 64. 

In the book by Stern, pictures of Lurch are on pages 12, 19, 25, 72, & 81 (with Carol).  Super is on pages 20, 25, & 60.

Super's photo appears during the month of August in the 2000 World of Discovery Greyhound Calendar.

These beautiful photos were taken by Judith Strom, who has kindly given us permission to use them here.

Does Montana Dogware do shows?
Yes, please check our main page for announcements of upcoming events.